Friday, January 28, 2011


Because we're so far very indecisive on everything. We took a big step today in deciding that we are going to have our reception at The Residence at Timber Pines in the Crystal Room. We also decided that we are probably going to move the wedding up to October so it's less hectic with all the holidays and stuff. That's about all we've decided so far.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Les Fleurs

Today's DotD is the flowers! Since they're now thinking fall wedding, we'll be looking at fall-inspired arrangements.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Location, location, loooocation. (revised)

Ok, so, we have too many people to do the botanical gardens and lake house, instead we're looking into pushing the date back to save more money and maybe doing it at The Lange Farm in Dade City. Bit farther away but definitely worth it. Still, nothing's for sure yet so we'll see. =]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Detail of the Day

Ok, so as far as material things in a wedding go, besides "the ring," the wedding dress is one of the first thing of which you think. At least, it is from a female's perspective. So, today's DotD is dedicated to wedding dresses.
(And let's remember, I am not the bride! So these are just some fun ideas that the BBB has not necessarily seen/approved!)

I love the sash and the single, asymmetrical pick-up.

Yeah, this one isn't really an Ashleigh-appropriate dress, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

I LOVE the lace boleros.

This tulle skirt is so sweet and romantic.

I love lace!

Pink is no longer relegates the "pregnant bride" dress. Nontraditional, but pretty.

I really love these more modest ones. Some of them are so sweet, and some just are beautiful and elegant.

I love the pretty, vintage-y tea length of these!

Let's hope none of these make the cut.

Is this even legal in public?!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Location, location, loooocation.

Hokay! So, I think we've pretty much decided on doing the ceremony at the SH Botanical Gardens, but we still have to go there and check it out and call peoples to make sure it's what we're expecting. We've also decided we'll probably do the reception at The Lake House which works out because, God forbid, should it rain we can then go there and do everything. However, the best part about this is the fact that the price for both locations totals to $450 or $650 depending on what time of day we do everything. We've also got our first draft guest list done. Super exciting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week of January 23-29

To-dos for the week:

1. Decide (for sure, mostly) on wedding date and time-ish
2. Start on guest list! Make Z contribute for his side! Do it here.
3. Make list of dresses to try on for appointment in 3 weeks! Include multiple styles.
4. Get a good idea of ceremony and reception locations
5. Decide on wedding colors (for sure-ish!)
6. Start checking out traditions you might want to use!


It starts with a question and a ring

So, if you know them, and even if you don't, you can probably deduce, you know Ashleigh and Zack are engaged! This is where we (the bride and her sister, the MoH) can post all things wedding, some relevant, some not. Probably most will be. That's all for now! We'll see where this goes.