Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Detail of the Day

Ok, so as far as material things in a wedding go, besides "the ring," the wedding dress is one of the first thing of which you think. At least, it is from a female's perspective. So, today's DotD is dedicated to wedding dresses.
(And let's remember, I am not the bride! So these are just some fun ideas that the BBB has not necessarily seen/approved!)

I love the sash and the single, asymmetrical pick-up.

Yeah, this one isn't really an Ashleigh-appropriate dress, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

I LOVE the lace boleros.

This tulle skirt is so sweet and romantic.

I love lace!

Pink is no longer relegates the "pregnant bride" dress. Nontraditional, but pretty.

I really love these more modest ones. Some of them are so sweet, and some just are beautiful and elegant.

I love the pretty, vintage-y tea length of these!

Let's hope none of these make the cut.

Is this even legal in public?!

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